Visit Ubuntu

We are excited to host people from around Zimbabwe and the world. We have had visitors from within Zimbabwe, South Africa, Canada, Japan and the USA. We are open to people who want to share their skills and passions and also want to learn from what we are doing. 

If you or your group would like to visit, please email [email protected]. If you are in Zimbabwe and in the Serima area you are welcome to simply drop by. Alternatively, please call, text, WhatsApp Tapiwa: 263774639205 if you would like to speak to someone at the Learning Village.


I consider myself very fortunate to have travelled to Ubuntu Learning Village near the beginning of 2019. It had always been a dream of mine to study the mbira, which I intuitively integrated into my work as an expressive arts therapist and educator. Having done and still interested in international work, I saw it as an opportunity to contribute my skills and learn in this unique village setting. Throughout the span of a month, with the support and collaboration of the Ubuntu team, we gathered many children for an expressive arts learning program that was a great success. I loved working with the team, who were so playful and open to learning. They were also open to teaching me language and so many things about their culture. During this time, I learned mbira and participated in village life. It’s always difficult to express through words the richness of an experience of this nature. I learned so much and the ripples of which will reverberate throughout the rest of my life. I formed meaningful connections. I felt included and cared for from beginning to the end of my journey. Ubuntu Learning Village is a unique place where you can feel the ancestral spirit in the beauty of the African savannah. It is a place that is rooted in an essential philosophy for this time, Ubuntu; the capacity for us to nourish one another through the gifts we each bring to the community. It is an experience of a lifetime and I am grateful.

Melanie ‘Mali’ Rosen (RP, B.A., M.A.)
Registered Holistic Psychotherapist, Educator and Performance Artist

I had the opportunity to stay and document life at Ubuntu Learning Village and it was a life changing experience. The day begins before sunrise and ends shortly after sunset, with the exception of some late night bonfire music and storytelling celebrations. Ubuntu focuses on bringing pre-colonial, ancestral knowledge into every aspect of daily life and is open to the exchange of skills and knowledge with the larger, global community. There is no hierarchy and the village has meetings where both elders and young people can be heard. All advancements are shared with the surrounding communities in the spirit of  being kind to each other, the earth and animals.  If only the whole world could live more this way! Adrienne Amato (Therapist and Filmmaker)