Ubuntu Free School

Founded in 2019 , the Ubuntu Free School serves the children and families from the subsistence farming communities of Fortress, Edna, Stresspy and Craig Farms and Mudzanapahwe Village in Serima, Zimbabwe.

Ubuntu Free School currently has 4 dedicated teachers and a population of 50 eager learners in Kindergarten, Grade One and Grade Two. Our dream is to progressively add a grade level each year to eventually include the secondary school and tertiary levels.

Ubuntu Free school is unique in the Zimbabwean education context:

  • Our school is a community school — built and led by the community
  • It is rooted in Ubuntu Philosopy
  • Learners do not pay school fees
  • Learners are not obligated to wear uniforms
  • Learners are treated with love and care
  • Learners receive a nutritious meal prepared by community members every weekday
  • Our school is arts-based, eco-based and is located in a natural environment

You can support Ubuntu Free School through financial and in-kind donations to address the following needs:

  1. Desks, chairs, tables, blackboard and chalk for our classrooms; stationary and writing implements; educational materials
  2. Computers/laptops to enable learners to acquire technical knowledge
  3. Financial donations to purchase nutritious food for the learners
  4. Financial donations for the educators’ salaries
  5. Bricks, cement, doors, window frames and panes, and other materials to build our classrooms
  6. Solar panels to supply electricity to the classrooms
  7. Marimbas, mbira, hosho, drums, zvipendani and other musical instruments 

We are grateful for your support.