How to support Ubuntu

Your support at work

Our future goal involves the expansion of Ubuntu Culture Village to accommodate more people for hosting and learning opportunities. This entails building additional lodging spaces, creating more bedrooms, a larger kitchen, and a learning room. We are endowed a lot of assets: 80 hectares of land, people who are committed and work hard, food, animals, natural clay bricks and enduring enthusiasm.

Your support will enable us to:

  • Continue building and expanding Ubuntu Free School
  • Build accommodation to host approximately 20 people at a time, a large gathering space, a larger kitchen, four arbor loos (Compost Toilets), three shower rooms.
  • Purchase materials to build beds, shelves, chairs, small tables, and other furniture
  • Install additional solar panels and batteries for reliable electricity
  • Provide financial compensation to community members for the skills and labour they contribute to the village.
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Tatenda — Thank you
Your support is greatly appreciated, and we would be happy to continue to share stories of our learning and growth with you.