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Your support at work

We continue expanding Ubuntu Culture Village, offering our guests more hosting and learning opportunities. We are well-equipped with plentiful natural resources, including 80 hectares of land, dedicated and skilled Ubuntu Village residents, and unwavering passion. We are seeking financial donations for:

1. Building additional bedrooms to host about 50 people at a time

2. Constructing a large indoor gathering space, with a kitchen, instrument room, and learning room.

3. Finishing our bathrooms

4. Building additional compost toilets

5. Procuring materials to craft furniture such as beds, shelves, chairs, and small tables

6. Installing more solar panels and batteries to ensure consistent access to electricity, allowing us to operate sustainably.

7. Supporting ongoing programming

We are confident that with your support, we can successfully grow Ubuntu Culture Village and continue to create a welcoming space for people to learn, connect, and grow.

Email money transfer to [email protected]
Paypal transfer to
Tatenda — Thank you
Your support is greatly appreciated, and we would be happy to continue to share stories of our learning and growth with you.