Ubuntu at the Black Canadian Studies Association Conference (BCSA), Halifax, May 22nd 2015

Today I participated as a presenter on a panel at the BCSA conference in Halifax. The panel consisted of my friend Sharrae Lyon of AlieNation and myself. After doing an opening ceremony that consisted of mbira music, welcoming ancestors into the space, meditation and connecting with each other, I shared the story of Ubuntu Philosophy and Ubuntu Learning Village. Through sharing this story, I continue to learn about the importance of grounding Ubuntu LEarning Village in relational integrity, love, community, positivity and deep care. There was encouraging interest in Ubuntu and on Ubuntu Philosophy.  This is encouraging for myself and the community on the ground in Zimbabwe. More importantly, as we continue to build in Zimbabwe, like all trans-localization movements, we will continue to take opportunities to share our stories, and hopefully inspire others to create spaces where we they can live their Ubuntu. After the presentation a brother Harvey H. Millar of Management Technologies did an interview with Sharrae Lyon and myself  He will share the interview on an online TV channel he is working. I will post the link here when the channel is up and running. Many thanks to Sharrae Lyon, Brother Harvey H. Millar and everyone who came to the plenary session.

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