Thursday, June 23, 2016

Audio slide-show: Ubuntu Learning Village in Zimbabwe, with Moyo Rainos Mutamba and Kevin Best

Here is the Youtube Link for the Audio Slide Show.

From the May 25, 2016 Unify Toronto Dialogue (, “Indigenize or Die” Series, session 5: Time for Planting Seeds (Being in Relationship with All of Creation Part 2)

Following on our April session’s exploration of the Indigenous basis for restoring balance with urban landscapes, in this session we looked at planting seeds literally and metaphorically.

Doug Anderson from Naadmaagit Ki Group (NKG) ( returned, joined this time by guest facilitator Moyo Mutamba, to help us develop plans for taking action in Toronto around re-indigenizing the land.

In this 25-minute audio-clip of Moyo’s presentation, accompanied by photos, you will learn about Ubuntu, a Learning Village in Zimbabwe, and the way they are planting seeds of transformation for the well-being and survival of all.

– “Indigenize or Die” Series Curator Kevin Best
– Guest Presenter Moyo Rainos Mutamba
Audio-visual editing by Morgane Kot

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